Our company is available "for hire" to "perform"
for different family-oriented entertainment. 

Safe Proms - Safe After Proms - Safe Grad Nights -
Fairs - College Student Orientation Events -
Corporate Functions - Parties - Fundraisers -
College Functions - High School Functions -

Our "entertainment" is called
"What's In A Name".

"What's In A Name"

A Beautiful Lithograph Of The Meaning & Traits
Associated With Your First Name! 

This event is always a huge success. Believe us that the success 
of this event will far exceed your expectations. Everyone will want 
one of these beautiful prints! One or Two names can be displayed! 

The Cyber Connection will bring in their own display and equipment to set up. 
Up to 10 different selections of beautiful artistic papers are 
available to choose from. 

Love - Scenic - Sport - Tropical - Spiritual - Space - Colorful

Here is a sampling of the many papers that we can provide. 
We can tailor your paper selections to your event!

Everyone Loves This Event! 

For example, we have provided entertainment for 
Miami of Ohio University for their "After Dark" promotion.  
This promotion helps keep the students on campus "occupied" 
and out of the town's bars. We "performed" with other 
artists (singers, magicians, caricature artists, balloon artists, 
face painters, comedians, etc.) by setting up our computer 
and providing students with their name printed on a 
high-quality lithograph background. 

We have also "performed" at other various college campuses
for "Welcome Back To School" events, "Parent's Day" events,
"Take Back The Night" events.

We would contract with you, the promoter/buyer, for either a set 
number of prints or for a specific time frame. 

We could also do similar "entertainment" with poems, 
motivation quotes, bible verses, etc.

Here is my name as an example:

"Angela" example

View sample contract


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