Fund Raising

Is your organization reaping the maximum benefits from its
fund-raising efforts?  You may be getting a big piece of the pie--
but is that pie as large as it could be?

A large number of organizations depend on donations and fund-raisers
for the majority, if not all, of their operating expenses.  These are usually
non-profit organizations involved in some form of community service,
and they're always looking for new ways to raise funds.

What Does Your Name Mean?

This is a new and very different fundraising program!

Angie's Gift Corner, formerly The Cyber Connection, has combined
the best selling name software, the best selling backgrounds,
and the most popular frame choices into a fundraising program.

Here is an example of a single name print:
Single Name Print Example

Here is an example of a double name print:
Double Name Print Example

Your organization still receives 50% profit on every item sold!

This program doesn't offer a prize incentive yet.  But we would
be happy to work something up for your organization.

Contact us for more information and brochures.



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