Income Opportunities

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We have the following income-producing opportunities available:

  • Catalog Distribution
  • Swap Meet & Flea Market Sales
  • Open House Party Plan Program
  • Mail Order
  • Gift Shops & Kiosks
  • Display Merchandising
  • Wholesale

This is not multi-level marketing.

We are about building an organization of salespeople, independent contractors, that buy their merchandise at wholesale from Angie's Gift Corner, formerly The Cyber Connection, and sell it at or below retail. 


catalog distribution

Picture this:  You've got a beautiful, full-color catalog filled with attractive, tempting items at great prices.  You hand it to someone.  They take a look.  They give you an order.  

That's really all there is to it!  Simple, and yet so effective!  Just show our catalog around your neighborhood, or at work, at school, anywhere and everywhere.  You sell at retail, and buy from Angie's Gift Corner, formerly The Cyber Connection, at wholesale.  Making money just doesn't get any easier than this.

swap meets & flea markets

Probably one of the most popular marketing programs, Swap Meets and Flea Markets are a great place to meet lots of new people, have fun outdoors, and make a bunch of weekend cash!

It's simple, it's fun, and the 3,000+ items sell fast -- and with your cost so low (wholesale), you can offer great bargains and still pocket big profits!

open house party plan program

This program is designed to work in a number of ways.  You can hold parties yourself, or you can have others "host" parties for you!

This is not multi-level, like so many of those other party plan programs out there.  Instead, you fill orders--either by yourself, or others--at an excellent profit. 
You sell at retail, and buy from Angie's Gift Corner, formerly The Cyber Connection, at wholesale.  Price lists and marketing materials are available for both methods.

mail order

There's no greater feeling than going to your mailbox and finding it stuffed with checks.  That's the thrill of mail order!

Everything you need for an exciting mail order campaign, including high-impact catalogs jammed with fast-selling merchandise, and access to mailing lists designed to bring you orders.

Your customers' orders can even be shipped directly to them, meaning you will never have to handle any merchandise or maintain any inventory. 
You sell at retail, and buy from Angie's Gift Corner, formerly The Cyber Connection, at wholesale.

gift shop & kiosk

Ever dreamed of having your own gift shop?  Or maybe pictured yourself with one of those kiosks in a busy mall?

With a kiosk, you can specialize in categories that appeal to the shoppers in your region; with a gift shop, you can also offer a tremendous variety spanning the more than 3,000 items currently available.

display merchandising

Here's away to literally "rack" up huge profits!

Simply place fully-loaded racks of impulse merchandise in stores in high-traffic locations (near the check-out line is great!).  Sell the entire rack load of products to the store owner or manager, or cash in profits as the items sell; it's your choice.

This program, like all the others above, is fully detailed in a simple 30-Day Action Plan.


If you're interested in earning extra money or working for yourself full time, 
we have the perfect opportunity for you!  
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