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Purchaser Engagement Contract 

This AGREEMENT made this day (Month - Date- Year) 
between Angie's Gift Corner and the Purchaser: 
Buyer Name 
City, State Zip 

1. Name of Act: (Act Name Here) 
shall appear and deliver a performance to be given at: 
Buyer Name 
City, State Zip 
Actual Performance Area: 
Contact Person: 
Phone Number: 
Show Date: 
Show Time: 

2. Payment: 
Lodging Allowance: 
Dorm rooms or Alumni house are not acceptable substitutions. 
Total Fee: $ 
Due Upon completion of the performance. 

Made Payable and Mail to: 
Angie's Gift Corner
2325 Earlham Lane 
Indianapolis, IN 46231 
Fed ID #: xx-xxxxxxx 

3. Correspondence: 
All communications and arrangements pertaining to this 
contract must be directed to: Angie's Gift Corner 
Voice:  317-331-5657, Fax: 317-837-3914 

4. Impossibility Of Performance: 
The Artist shall not be responsible to the Purchaser 
for the failure to perform if such failure is due to physical disability 
of the Artist, regulations, public authorities, labor difficulties, 
strike interruption, delay of transportation services or any cause 
beyond the control of Angie's Gift Corner. 
If this occurs any deposit made will be refunded. 

5. Return signed forms with in 14 days of receiving. 

Rider forms if attached, are part of this contract. 

Please return a signed rider form with your signed contract. 

6. Angie's Gift Corner reserves the right to sell sponsorships 
to this performance with no compensation to the buyer.

  7. Special Conditions: 
(Call if you need any additional items from us!) 

This contract and any attached rider constitute the entire agreement 
between the parties hereto. 
__________________________ ___________________________ 
Angie's Gift Corner                 Person Representing Purchaser

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