Unity Ceremony


Your wedding is fast approaching, or still several months ahead.
  And you don't want the typical white, 3-candle Unity Ceremony, either because of
fire code restrictions, or because you are having an outdoor wedding and you don't want the hassle
of trying to keep your flame lit during the ceremony.

More and more couples and switching to either the Sand Unity Ceremony or
the Granulated Wax Unity Ceremony!
Let me explain the difference between the two.

A Sand Unity Ceremony, or Blending of the Sand Ceremony is precisely as it sounds.
The couple determines the number of participants, and picks out a symbolic color for
each participant.  The couple then decide on which vase the colored sands will go into for
end of the ceremony, and what vase each colored sand will reside in before the ceremony.
There is no limit to the number of participants.  Some couples choose to include their children from
either or both sides and/or their respective parents to really include the entire family, and show
a true "blending" of the new family.  After all, it is your wedding and your ceremony, so your
preacher or pastor should be willing to let you make the ceremony as long or as short as your want!

The Granulated Wax Unity Ceremony is very similar to the Sand Unity Ceremony.  The wedding couple
 still determines the number of participants, vases, etc.  The biggest advantage the wax has over
the sand is that we can custom match, reasonably close and sometimes exactly match,
the colors of your wedding if you can provide us with a color swatch of your colors. 
Napkins, or ribbons, or stationary, or paint chip sample, or even a fabric swatch from
the dresses are examples of swatches we have used in the past to match colors
for the granulated wax.  The only colors that can't be done in the granulated wax
 are metallic gold, silver or bronze.  These three colors are substituted with a
mica glass product in very small minimal quantities.  The mica glass will not
burn if the couple should choose to later actually burn their unity candle.  We can
also custom scent your wax unity candle to any of over 240 scents!

Typically most couples choose three colors: one color for the groom, one color
for the bride, and a white, or cream which usually represents God and their
uniting their family with Him.  But with the ever expanding larger families of
tomorrow, more and more couples choose to also include their children in
the ceremony, especially if they are younger children.

And there are companies out there who specialize in personalizing these sets.  The big craft
 stores also have glass etching kits for those who are talented and can do this sort of thing.

We also have other ideas to help you with your wedding ceremony.

Please don't hesitate to drop us a line, and we can point you to several websites with
different ideas for different ceremonies to help you make your wedding the
most memorable of your life!

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